Monday, February 28, 2011

my first day on the phones, and.....

 They dont even work!! So we newbies (me, tanya and Barton) cant take calls... so....

 So. Blog ideas.
Boredom at work. Ha.
The big B <<< hahahahha wow
Rocky and his latest letter from Friday
Karen and her bogusness
The lack of using cell phones at work
My new camera J
Meg went to the ER????????
AIDS. Cuz they are fun.
CT in 39 days!!!
My desk and the crumb lady
Nuthairz. And the Big B
My awesome coding system
School and babysitting

Let’s see if I can expand on any of these ideas while I sit bored at work.

1.       Boredom at work: I got here at 10. It is now 3 The systems we use are not allowing 3 of us in yet. Lamesauce. I have done word searches. I have colored. I read a freaking book. I am now emailing myself (thus how this was written in part).

2.       The big B. SKIP while at work, thank you! ok so i seriously have issues with the big B. I really kinda like him which is weird cuz I am usually NOT attracted to married me. Like, Craig is hot, but he is Darcy's husband and I would never go there. But. The Big B. Man o man. I really really really like him. and he is married.

3.       Rocky. O man I love this boy. Which is funny considering the previous paragraph hahaha. The first page I read was deep. Like uber deep. I actually can’t believe how deep he was in it. I was quite amazed. Anyways. It was all about how much he loves me and how I effect him. God, I love that boy!! <3 <3 <3 The second part of the letter is much more refreshing, the same loving boy I love so much. He knows I love him, Like, I somehow have finally gotten it thru to him that I love him. He is excited for my new pictures, although he doesn’t quite realize what they are of. Hopefully he enjoys them. He wants me to take more special ones, but I am leery of this, since I really want to lose weight (although that is not going so well either!!)… He says that now that I know of his childhood, of his guilt, there are no more lies or omissions, and that it amazes him that beyond all of that I am still in love with him. Why wouldn’t I be? He is the most amazing man I have ever met. He actually mentioned in his letter, or well noted, that he needed to “take care of things” and then I have to assume that he went and ……….. well, took care of something hahaha. Anyways, he states that he is awe of me sending him money, and that I shouldn’t do that anymore, that I should take care of my daughter instead. Silly boy. He and Liz are both my top priority. I have to make sure that the ones I love the most are taken care of. I can’t help it, it is just who I am!

4.       Karen. Well, Karen fell on the ice the other night. And then early Friday morning she finally went to the ER and got some pain meds. I was talking to her after she got home and she was pretty loopy. Now, in hindsight, I wish I woulda asked her how she truly felt about me. Because I really don’t think she likes me at all. I’m sorry that her son is in love with me that isn’t my fault lol

5.       Cell phones. We can’t use them at work. Which really sucks since there is nothing going on really as far as what I get to do today. I am anxious to use mine but I will have to survive…

6.       OH OH OH I buyed a new camera the other day, like yesterday. It is PRETTY!! It is a black version of my old camera, and it takes panoramic shots. I am excited to get to using it. I plan on utilizing it on Thursdays in Milwaukee with Sarijane and the girls :)

7.       Meg and the ER. So I snuck my phone out to check it and megs went to the er for her endo issues? IDRK right now, since I can’t text her about it. Makes me wonder who is at the store though. I might not be an employee or really care, but I still wonder lol.

8.       AIDS. Idk. I like aids. I don’t want aids, but I do feel they are fun to joke about.

9.       CT. I can not wait to be there in CT. Seeing my man, seeing my Aunt Judy, meeting Joe, visiting the  Mystic Aquarium, maybe going to Boston for fun? Or should I wait on Boston till August? Is it bad if I am already planning that trip? LOL. I wonder if I am able to be a southwest frequent flyer. Or if I will be getting my card from the hotel as a frequent stayer?  The next 39 days better go hella fast, just saying…

10.   The crumb lady. I got to my desk and it was covered in crumbs. Like, EW! I had to get Lysol wipes to clean everything. It was gross.

11.   Nuthairz. Can not discuss now. Maybe later.

12.   The coding system also can not be discussed lol

13.   Tits. He is still being emo as hell. Driving me up a wall!!

14.   Julie. For a lesbian, she is pretty cool. A lil awkward, but cool still.

15.   Babysitting. Amanda’s Great Gramma died, so I am babysitting Konnor all day Saturday. And for some time weds night. Fun Fun.

16.   Thursday. On Thursday, I am taking Liz to Milwaukee to see Sarijane and Lili. I am excited. Well, sorta. As long Sarijane is being good. I guess we are gonna go to the art museum and see some Frank Lloyd Wright BS exhibit. BUT I wanna go to the jelly belly factory a half hour from Milwuakee. I think that would be fun! Lol. IDK there are not that many free things for ppl to do in Milwaukee I guess and I don’t want to waste money on Sarijane. Especially cuz I will have to pay for gas and food for me n liz. Also, I get to stop and see Scott and Janine. Well Scott and the girls. And pick up my girl scout cookies which will be fun! Lol. I am actually excited to see Ciara, and Claire and Carina. Scott not so much. But still…

AND IN HINDSIGHT, EXCEPT FOR NUMBERS 2, 11, AND 12, IT ONLY TOOK ME AN HOUR TO WRITE ALL OF THIS. It is now just before 4. Still no working programs. And a giant headache is taking me over. And yeah. I want to get down to my car and get my stuff. And maybe eat, although I can’t tell if I am hungry lol. OK so 4.5 hours to go, Im outta here.

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