Thursday, February 10, 2011


What do I want to say here today... I have a few notes as to what I want to hit on actually.

1. Twister/eater/listening...

2. Uncle Steve

3. Vacation #2 (April 8 - 10)

4. Onions (this might be TMI for ya ben!!)

5. Prisoners of Love

6/ Prisoners Wifes, Girlfriends, Sig. others, program (PWGP)

7. Being interviewed for a blog...

1. will be touched on later

2. Uncle Steve was at dad's house the otehr night when I stopped over. Dad and Gerry were all congrautelatory on the new job, but Steve was not. There is a reason why i hate ppl named steve... lol... Dad was excited about the new apt, and steve was silent. Like, GAWDS!!!

3. I have my next vacation planned!!! April 8th thru the 10th, so I have to take off of work the 10th, but whatev. At least I get to go see my baby!! <3

4. Onions... If you dont want to know, as this may be misconstrued as TMI for some, then dont read this next section in green lol So Sometimes randomly, even when I am no where near onions, I can smell onions on my hands. No biggie. Unless I am later going to the bathroom adn realize my snatch smells like onions (Que the tmi bit lol) I have no idea why my snatch periodically decided to smell so foul. It happened when I was out east, and then again earlier this week or last week.  GRRR I wish it would stop I think that it is part of the reason why I cant seem to "do" anything lately, but with the lack of insurance, I have no ability to ask Ranum to sniff my snatch lol...End of subject, for now lol

5 & 6. So last night I was introduced to a new group thru my friend Pam, whose bf is also incarcerated on the east coast. Anyways, the group can be found via my face book, I believe it is called "Prisoners Wifes & Girlfrieds", but I am not 100%. Anyways, they had a link to this blog radio site, where the woman who founded the group was talking. Her name was Reesy, and I am sure I will talk about her again... Anyways... So I was listening to her show, and she was interviewing a woman who wrote a book called "Prisoners of Love" which is about being the outside counterpart of an inmate. Anyways, they were talking about quite an array of topics, which was really cool. Until I decided to call in and spend a half hour on long distance, which my mother is totally going to kill me for lol. Anyways, I got some really cool advice on my situation, altho the author was kind of mean and blunt/brutal. But at the same time it wasnt that big of a deal because even as she said, I dont have to follow her advice but just do what I feel is right for my situation. I am actually thinking about starting a second blog (I know, me being all like productive-like!!!) all about being a prisoners woman.

Anyways, So I wound up winning a copy of the book, which I had been planning on buying Friday, but I get to save $30 or $40 bucks, so who am I to complain lol. So upon recieving the book, I will be post a synopsis and my take on it. But on the main PWGP page, the non-facebbok one, I saw taht they were looking for people to host meetings in different states. So as of right now, it sounds like I am going to be the Wisconsin Chapter Leader **insert huge smiley face!!** lol. I cant hold it in my home, but I am sure I can come up with somewhere, maybe the community center or something. Anyways, there was also a link for merch, so I checked it out and now have like $80 in merch waiting on my checks!! I am getting a sweatshirt with "Brooklyn DOC" on the pouch, and "Rocky's Girl" and "347-789" on the back. I am also getting 2 tshirts, both with Rocky's number on them somewheres. I plan on re-doing the looks, altho I am really excited about it!!!

7. Lastly, I am being interviewed on another person's blog! I am really excited about this tho! Is the blog, and I am really anxious to do this lol. I am curious as to waht she is going to ask me tho, cuz I am weird, and I do not know if she wants me to be serious or freaky lol I need to ask...

8. Wait, I didnt have a number 8. So back to work I go!!

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