Sunday, February 27, 2011


lol, did I even spell the title right?? jesus. Please excuse any spelling errors in this post, I am frickin exhausted!

I just did catch-up for the last 3 weeks of homework. Sadly, I can not get to Week 3's assignment, which is gay as hell lol. What else do I want to hit on??

1. Milio's
4. Money
7. West (Milan)
8. Rocky
9. Mitch

1. Milio's. So next week I am scheduled a whole whopping 5.5 hours. On fricken sunday. So Sunday, I work 7 to 5 at west, then 530 to close at milio's. That is fucking gay as hell. I hate the fact that I have only 5 hours. And I am pissed that they scheduled me for sunday in the first place knowing that i had to work the other job.

2. I want to sleep. lol

3. Steve. He is such a conundrum. One moment he doesnt want to be near me at all, the next he wants to cuddle. like WTF. Chose one. But dont be angry when I wear my CT clothes. OH I need to post those LOL. Next post, Promise!

4.Money. I have a serious issue with spending money lol. I need to stop spending money. especially with my lack of hours at milios. ok? ok. lol.

5. Aids. What can I say, AIDS are funny. Not like haha-u-got-AIDS funny, but funny to joke about. does that make sense? lol. What can I say, I am TIRED!!!

6. Sarijane. I get to go see her FINALLY for the first time since July I think when it was Lili's birthday. Liz and I are going to Milwaukee for the day on Thursday. A plus side to doing this is that we get to stop at Scott and Janines for my girlscout cookies, and to see my cousins :) We havent seen them since Labor Day. Damn, I havent seen ANYONE in ages, lol. But yeah, I am excited to go see Sarijane, even if she does get on my nerves a lot lol. I have to empty the car completely before we go tho, incase we need to utilize strollers or anything.

7. West (milan). LOL. So Milan added James on Facebook. How awesome. I have issues. Like seriously. I am not inot married guys, why am I into this one?? Weird. Anyways. I have lots of thoughts on this. (A) his wife is ugly (B) since marrying previously-mentioned ugly wife, he has put on weight. But yet it makes him hot, does THAT make any since??? (C) I got called over to his desk yesterday and I was like OMG THEY READ MY BLOG but then it was ok. I blame James V for the paranoia btw. But they needed me to resign something or other. I need to stop accessing this at work tho, cuz i really dont want them to read it lolz. like can we say EMBARESSING lol.

8. Rocky. I finally got a letter friday. And thank god too lol. In it, he apologizes (again) for lying. And says that now there are no secrets in our relationship. Unless I have any. And **obviously** I do, and he doesnt know that. And I am fighting with myself on whether I should come clean. I have 2161 days (as of sunday) to go until he comes home. And I might not like sex but I would like the ability to have it if I want to. And not with myself lolz.

9. Mitch. That is just a whole topic I am too tired to discuss lol. I know that next weekend we are probably gonna hook up. But idk. next weekend is Goo-Weekend, which means the possibility of getting pregnant is higher. Which makes me want to skip it. But I like it with mitch, plus we can use dad's house, since dad has guard lol :P And I like the ability of using dads house, just saying.

Ok I hit on most of what I needed to. So now I am packing up the puter, going home and going to bed. In the morning, I must put down my deposit on my apartment and then shower/shave and work, plus I need to check in and see if I can do Week 3's assignment yet. IDK why it isnt up yet. It is making me mad lol.

Lastly, I love Eminem lol

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