Tuesday, March 1, 2011

while at work....

Today’s blog…
As of right now, I have been on the clock since 940 AM. Granted, this is being written at 7PM. Anyways.
So far, I have had 30 calls today. In just over 9 hours. And, out of those 30 calls, I have had ONE save. Yep. ONE. And it sucks…  O well, tomorrow is a new day!
In other news, I have started keeping track of the Big B. Sad, I know. But I don’t want to discuss it in an email to myself.
Wow. I am emailing myself. I. Am. Lame. GODS.
And now Im getting into a fight with my coworker over one program being better than another. Damn. LOL. The program I like is way better. LOL.
I have my area set up now. Sheldon’s pic  is in a black frame with the words “Be Mine” enscrawled above it. Then I have the “Best Buds” picture, the 2010 Easter pic, the 2010 Mother’s Day pic and then Harmony’s 1 yr pic up, along with Bri’s 2 yr old pic. I plan on adding Sarijane and Lili, and maybe something encompassing Ciara, Claire n Carina if I can take a decent pic Thursday. Also, I think it would be nice to get a pic of Harmony by herself up there. But definitely more of Liz. Or of Liz and me.
There are exactly 38 days until I go to CT. As of right now, that means roughly 910.5 hours… Damn, it looks like forever when I put it into hours… Hurry time, hurry!! I miss my man. I can only pray that they take away the damn red tape before I get there. There is nothing that I enjoyed more than his hands on my arms, his finger tips upon my skin. I really need to write a book about this situation. I doubt it would be a good seller but hey at least I would get our love story out  there. Published, of course, under Anita Burgeons. HAHAHHA she will prove helpful afterall!! And maybe she will dedicate it to James. Ah. I love pulling my alter-egos into my real life, and making it work .
Katie is now leaving work. An hour after Milan. Damn these people put in hours! Im actually surprised as to why Katie stayed so late. From my understanding, she is married. Granted, she lives (and I quote) “like 5 minutes that way” (imagine pointing, lol). But still. Milan lives a half hour drive away, in Sun Prairie. Makes me curious as to which way he takes to get here everyday lol.
OH So my co-worker Nestor? He has this picture of a teenage black girl on his desk. For the last 3 weeks, my only thoughts when I see this pic is that she looks like a girl im friends with on facebook, Caejla. One cannot forget a spelling like that, when I am into spelling lol. So today, Ifinally got up the guts to go up and intro myself. I intro’ed myself, and said “the girl on the horse in your pic, is her name Caejla?” and he responded “my daughter” followed closely by a yes, and then I started to spell her name. And so of course he wanted to know how I knew her. So I told him. Lol.  It was weird tho at first lol.
Gods. 49 mins to go. Then best buy (maybe) really fast then Mojo’s to hang with Tiff for a while I think. Lol. I also need to do homework, or check school at some point, just see how my stuff went thru. Also, I need to pay JAR, and call Gary about my deposit I keep forgetting to do which is bad cuz I want my apartment damnit!!
I have colored. I have suduko-ed. I have ate. I have saved ONE call, all day. My numbers suck. I suck. Can I go home yet??

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