Sunday, February 20, 2011

funny story.... *AKA kerriozidy kilt ze kittay...*

so i have quite a lot of things that happen that qualify as funny stories, but this one takes the cake.

Basically, curiosity killed this.

Someone knew that I was talking shit about them. They knew that someone else read this blog regularly, and probably (unconciously) devised a plan to search that person's history (oh evil evil person) to read this blog, which naturally was to be a SECRET (moronic person who searched it). Now, if the fact that they had read it wasn't bad enough, I got $150 on that person becoming a frequent reader, even with all the nasty shit I say about them. Sad, really, but hey whats a guy who is love with a girl who is committed to an inmate gonna do??

Anyways, so if you are confuzeled, this is what happened:

Steve used Ben's laptop as a way to understand what we were talking about as far as the whole "read" thing went. he "used" it for something, probably while ben was at work (so i do not blame you, ben, for this stuff going down). So now he is mad at me because of my true feelings? let me get this part of the story out there tho...

...tyme travylin ta ze passt....

August, 2006- I was spending quite a lot of time around my "larger" friend, Steve. I was spending the night at his house, hanging out all the time. It didnt take long for me to become a permanent fixture at the house. As most people know, on Septemeber 17th, 2006, I became pregnant with Burger's kid. I confirmed I was pregnant on Friday, October 13th, 2006.  At some point in early october, i found out steve was having feelings towards me, as i was to him. And we acted upon it. Sure, I could be a cunt and just blame it on the horomones or something, but it wasnt that. I fell in love with, and pretty fast, the only friend (besides carrie) who stuck around my entire pregnancy and helped me. In November, he decided he couldnt deal with the stress, so after 2 or 3 months of being together, we broke up. but we ignored the past and stayed friends. he was still at our house for xmas, i was still at his house 24/7.

In May of 2007, I had my baby shower and granted Carrie to bring her friend, Sarah Novotny. It didnt take long to see that steve liked this girl, and things had slowed down between us sexually since liz had been extremely active, and lets face it, you dont want to have sex with something squirming in-between ya! lol I backed off, let him have his space. But let me tell you, it hurt me crazy bad to see him swoon over this girl. I mean, this is the man that spent several months creating a life with, that I was not embarrassed to be seen with (even tho a lot of his "friends" were and still are...), someone who I had talked to about the big picute of being together, the first person I allowed myself to love after Mitch.

Between May of 07 and 08, I stayed single. Even when I had the chance to be with Burger, I skipped it. I might regret skipping that chance now (but only slightly since I know what kind of scum he is), i did it without another thought then. I watched as Steve dated Amber Olson, whom I never really liked. We might be similar in nature, but she is a cunt and I am not. Simple. I watched as Steve left our friendship and his god-daguhter to be with his "friends" (you know, the ones who want nothing to do with him now??? those ones, yeah...). I heard all the nasty things he said about me and decided i was gonna do me, and he could go do whatever.

Then, when he found out his grandparents were splitting up and he had no where to go, he turns to me. All of a sudden I am the best friend he has ever had? Please. But I convince my mother to allow him to move in with us in our Water street duplex. Wrong move. Having him there 24/7 wasnt that bad, it was more torture. I oculdnt have any of my friends over, because he never left. This started his whole "i dont have a job so I will live off others campaign" And yet, I allowed it. I spent money on weed to make him happy. I gave him money for this or that. Mom paid for 6 months of car insurance ($$700 dollars he STILL owes her for and she wants STILL). Mom bought him a GPS which promptly was destroyed.

We put up with him living with us for a year, without a job, eating all the food, destroying our home, dealing out of our home. Mom finally kicked him out. I was happy. I could now do what I wanted when I wanted without him interferring with who or what i did and when. Yet, somehow, he continued to have a hold over me. I took the chance of him moving out of my house to cut all emotional ties. That was last year, this time. I continued to be friends, but I stopped ALL sexual contact because frankly it just wasnt fun for me anymore, Sorry, but thats the truth. For some reason, seeing him go psycho on his god daughter, seeing him beat the dog... I just cant handle that. My dad was abusive, there is no way I was WILLINGLY going to let someone capable of yelling at a 2 yr old for talking be my "Mr. Right".

Now fast forward to now. Steve still doesnt have a job. His roommates want to kick him out. And yeah he is being nice but how much of that is from being "in love" with me over losing me to Sheldon?

I want to stay friends, but some concessions need to be made...

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