Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Donald Paul Pringle...

So today is Donnie's 25th birthday. Its hard to believe that two years ago we were sitting at Applebee's on the East side, having fun, talking shit about Crystal, discussing life in general. I miss this. I miss him.

Why do I have to miss him? Because a year-n-a-half ago I made the mistake of falling in love with him. And then he went off to Basic training. Then came home and shacked up with Crystal because she was pregnant with their son (which accutually turned out to be his...). I cant hate him for that. But Crystal and her deformed eyes were abloe to tell that I was in love with "her" man and she started to hate me. I tried to be friendly. I tried to do what I could, when I could. I spent like $30 on new baby gifts for the child she gave birth too. **shuddering**  Anyways, cant fault a child for it's parents, cuz that is just plain ol' mean lol.

I miss him tho. More later

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  1. One of the best lessons in life is to understand that love doesn't change. Life is long. Do not be ashamed of love you gave honorably. You have nothing to hang your head about. It's never a mistake to love. Love often does not lead to fairy tale endings, but that doesn't take away it's worth.