Wednesday, February 16, 2011

storage units and moving SUCK

So I was a lovely 20 mins late to work today thanks to my mother who threw a shit fit when I made her take liz to daycare, since she doesn’t really do anything with her life/day anyway.  I am thinking that I am going to call the landlord at the apartment and get I sooner, just so that I am done with it… I have 3k sitting in the bank for the apartment, and so it wouldnt be that big of a deal to move it up. except then i will need a sitter or something all the time which would suck...

650 security
650 first month
650 april
650 may 

that would leave like what, $500 in the bank roughly?
almost enough for another month. or utilities lol.
so i would have to start paying rent like saving wise for june?

or is it wiser to just stay and deal? ugh. this sucks. maybe i should call brian and bing bing and try to get out of the lease at my house since we NEVER have bills paid n shit. ugh what to do what to do! nevermind i cant call them, i cant find the number lol. FUCK

god damn, i wish i was as stupid as my mother some days, but then i remember that i must be because i still live there!!

maybe i will move in april? then the rent last another month? or just get a storage unit. yep. there we go. gonna call on one tonight. i lied, i just called on 2. the rexs are full. i dont want jar, so naturally i called anyways and have an appt at 10 on sat to look at a 8x20  for frickin $65 a month, with like, a security deposit of $65, and pro rated for the rest of this month...  I am waiting to hear back from the division ones, which would be nice cuz they are like, RIGHT next door lolz...

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