Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Im a dangerous sociopath with a long history of violence. I dont understand how you keep forgetting that.

Oh I had a horridly emo day Tuesday. Some days I want to just run away. Or give up on everyone, everything.

First off, I got up early, took a shower and got liz up by 720.  Dropped her off at daycare and off to work i went. I wound up being 20 mins late for work, which i later had to make up so that I could get my full 8 hours or damn close in.

Then, after work, i went home where I still had not recieved any mail. For those keeping track, that marks two weeks tomorrow that I havent gotten anything. This sucks. Anyways....

Got liz, went to John and Amanda's new apartment, which is right across from Erich n Carrie (YAY!! not...). They both ran out the door as soon as i got there, and left em with boxes upon boxes of things not yet unpacked, Konnor, and Liz. The kids alone/together are fine, but add in the boxes and lack of TV and I was S-C-R-E-W-E-D!!!

I set liz to the task of entertaining goober, and tried to attempt to unpack boxes. I got Konnor's high chair set up, as well as found his toys to entertain the kids with as well. John came back with a load of stuff, and took liz home at 8 so that she could get to bed. i put goob to bed about 830, and quickly ran outta shit ta do!

So I called Amanda to see where her bed sheets were so I could maybe make their bed (Cuz, see, I woulda just gone thru the boxes in their room, but after opening a box entitled "DVDS" and finding porn, I decided it was not a wise idea, just saying...) and she snapped at me then hung up on me. Seriously, if it had not been for Konnor sleeping or even just being there, i woulda left. I was just so frusterated.

I cleaned up after me n liz, turned off all the lights, and sat on the couch with a glass of water for like a half hour before they got home. They got home, I informed them of what I did for them (without being asked to btw) and left.

As for babysitting friday night, idk if I will be now. Manda knows I was mad, and more than likely at them, but right then i didnt even care...

Shitty day yesterday. Same today as well. Adios!

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