Tuesday, February 8, 2011

While at work...

So I am blogging from work, because I can get to this site and that in itself is fucking awesome. So far its pretty decent here, altho a lil slow. I like it tho. Not sure about the people I am training with. The people I was with yesterday were pretty cool but then today we have 4 other people in here which in itself isnt a big deal but they all worked together here at West before in a different department. I just dont think I will ever find somewhere where I truly fit in with no problems...

On the good side, there are 3 different locations in CT That I can eventually transfer to if I stay with West, altho I plan on staying lol. New London, Hartford, and Trumbull (which I have no idea WHERE it is lol) but New London is one of the places that Rocky and I had talked about... back to work, break is ova :)


Ok so I went downstairs to this thing called BluePlate Diner or some shit like that. Anyways it was really good, I got chili and a turky sandwich (on rye) and surprsingly they were both really good. Im interested as to what the pizza wil taste like on Thursday tho.

Anyways, some random things I want to hit on :P

Milan- like dude ok so he is one of my managers. Yes, I said HE lol. He is a slightly overweight, yet not as fat as steve, man who seems really nice. He is white. But I just think its weird that his name is Milan. Like, when I think of that name, i see an aisan woman, not a white man lol. Ben, do you get what I mean??

Forbode- that is a funny word lol it makes me giggle... just wanted to share that lolz

Attrition- I had no idea what this word meant until today. Apparently it means lost or lose... who knew? lol, not me !!!

DUDE so I took a shower this morning, and like even right now my hair smells f-ing amazing! lolz. And I just think that it is cool lol.

So I am technically a customer care specialist. That is my job title. But really, I am saving Cardmemebers from cancelling their accounts, which of course is important lolz. I am very anxious to pick my schedule however, I want dayshifts, M-F. Otherwise, I could get nights, or F-M 10 hr days lolz.

DUDE. So did you ever notice that "open" is a really funny word? I think it is, but maybe its cuz we over-use it here.. Every time we use it, I giggle lolz...

What else did I have to say? OH i need to remember my passwords more efficiantly I think lol. I cant access my bananaapplepie email, or nuthairz, or aburgeons... that is pissing me off. Addistionally, I am unable to access both anitas and my cafemoms, which I would really like to do, since I obviously crave drama, and am having a withdrawel.

Last night I had a crazy bad headache, which sucked major ass, but whatever, it was gone when I woke up...

Is there any more random ass shit I could post about? How about how I have to pee? lol

Im still waiting on my taxes to be deposited, which is driving me up a wall as well lolz..

Ok, backs to works I guess, I need to write my man <3

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