Sunday, January 2, 2011

people annoy me...

So this post is all about how people annoy me. Like, REALLY annoy me.

Take, for instance, my dgf (daughters god father). I posted how he "loves" me right? Well, he lies. Maybe not about "loving" me, but about 90% of everything else.

HIM: I got a new job, managing KFC/TB
ME: Awesomness! Good job!
BJT: Uh, no he missed his first shift and was fired

HIM: I got a job at a pool company, cleaning it
ME: Good job!!
REALITY? he never ever ever went to fitchburg to clean a pool... How do i know? he doesnt have a RIDE!!!

HIM: oh we are going to transfer my truck to mullets name and get a title loan to pay bills!
ME: uh, i dont think thats a good idea, but its YOUR truck so w/e
HIM: oh, nevermind, we cant *insert lame excuse*
ME: good, you never know when you might need it!
REALITY: I found out today, they actually DID do it, and still owe $700 - $900 on it.

HIM: Oh, I am paying the bills, even without a job
REALITY: he is about to get kicked out for lack of paying rent. IDK how the other bills are going, but I know that BJT is scrambling around trying to cover DGF's ass. I explained to him that its pointless, and try to give him examples of what happened when DGF lived with us, like wasting money that his gma gave him on PS3 stuff, when his gma bought the PS3 and a plat screen tv, and i JUST found out that he pawned the PS3 and I am pretty sure he did it with the TV too since its been  "getting fixed" for roughly 5 months now, at least. Oh, and not to forget the nastiness of the room when he moved out of MY house! UGH. I had to RAKE the floor before I could even vaccuum! Like, uh, GROSS!!

Good god, he really makes me mad. And he is throwing the HUGEST shit fit over me going to CT to see the man that I have fallen in love with. One who doesnt lie to me about the stupidest shit ever. ugh...

**more to come later, but first I must eat!!! lol**

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