Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random Questions that dwell upon my mind...

As I sit here and play farmville on the other tab, i contemplate many things. For example:

1. Why must drunk ppl get all lovey-dovey emo-bullshitty??

2. What has John Schlender actually liking me again?

3. Why does Mitch insist on blowing up my tracfone?

4. When does Ben getting home from that Caitlin's place?

AND my answers are as follows...

1. Because they are stupid. I hate people who cant hold their liqour, and in this case I would be referring to fatass, oopppps i mean steve. God damn. I should not have come here last night. Between DJ's brandy and Cody's everclear, steve could not even walk. I mean it. He was sitting on the couch by the front door and stood up, turned left, walked into the wall, turned left again, and walked into the corner area, and then fell onto the couch, effectively squishing his little mumble doll. AND HELLO PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ChaNGE YOUR CLOTHES WHEN YOU SHOWER YOU STILL REEK FAT ASS!!!!!!! ok, sorry, random there, but true. Anyways, even now, 12 hours after he went to sleep, he is still drunk and unable to even stand up. AND then he has the gall to ask me if I am mad at him? Uh, like, DUH!! Fucking aye. I have no idea why i became friends with him in the first place, he just pisses me off all the time.....

2. I have no answer for this. I am assuming that he sees me trying to better myself as a person, sees how much I truly love his son, sees the things and changes I am making in my life and has decided that I might be a good person to know? I mean, I got a real job, I am going to school, I am taking care of my kid, I am getting my own place this spring. So. That is my thinking on this.

3. I think Mitch wants to have sex. Which I have no idea if I am ok with. I mean, Im not, cuz I love my man. BUT still. Anyways. I want to be friends with him, but why must men think that by being friends we need to have sex? Like, jesus!

4. Ben I want you to come home!! I miss you!! Jesus. It would have been nice to have somewhere to escape to last night versus being stuck with Mr. Cry-cuz-you-dont-love-me-cuz-im-fat! URG. And really, lose so weight. Trust me, it would do you a LOT better!

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