Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years eve...

so its new years eve, and instead of going out to party, like everyone else, Im babysitting. but I WANT to babysit! Im getting $40 CASH for it, which i need for my vacay in OMG 2 weeks!!! :P

So, our New Year's Resolutions:

manders says her nyr's r losing her baby weight (20-25), be more independent, and get friends... i wonder if she knows she can buy friends at best buy... OH wait, she means she wants REAL LIFE friends... hmmm... i must be chpped liver then...

my nyrs are going out east at least 3times to see rocky, go to Georgia, lose 20-25 lbs,

Karen says hers are just to not make resolutions!! What a dork... Ok, lose weight, typical female response... And to spoil Juliet more lol.

ANYWAYS!!! In less than two weeks, i will be on a mother fucking plane to fucking CT!! <3 Personally, i cant wait. I am sooo excited to see my man, you have no idea! Ok, so I got paid today, and I should have $350 in my bank account RIGHT now. and it seriously needs to stay there. I can not spend ANY of it if I want to pay for my hotel and car when im on vacay lol.

And, I am soooo excited about this vacation too! Rocky has been dropping hints like crazy bad that he has a "surprise" for me, then he is hinting things like "till death due us part" and that he'll "never leave my side...until death" and then of course, "the wheels are turning" in regards to us joking (or so i thought) about getting married. SO! I might come back from CT an engaged woman! Which, of course, would be just plain ol fucking amazing.

Ya know, as I sit and write this, I am not really sure who I am blogging for. I think I decided to start a blog because one of my main role models right now is a bloggess, Jennifer Lawson, , but then there is also the small fact of I cant trust a single fucking person I know. I mean, I COULD share with them what I am going thru or thinking or just all the sweet lil amazing things that Rocky sends me, but really, I am just sick of W, B, S... Well, not so much S as I am not 100% sure what I can trust her with... But hey, I try... Besides that, a lot of my friends, thinking they are sticking up for me, actually make my stuff harder to deal with. Like when B got into that fight with karen... and yeah, im sick of the drama. Plus rocky doesnt want me to share so much, which he is about to learn about me when I get out there lolz... Im a very sharing person...

Ok. So, boring night. Darcy lost her cat. I was on skype with Karen when the clock hit 12 at her house. And IDK what I will be doing in 47 minutes. Quite possibly still writing this damn post haha lol.

What I should really do is lay down on the floor, watch "secret life" and finish my letter to rocky, so I can mail it out EVENTUALLY! Ugh, i have been working on the damn thing for AAAGGGEEESSS lol.

Ya know, when I am sick of the drama in my life, I should just watch this show, which is way more full of drama and love traingles than my own life, which is odd I think.

Oh, and I am quite annoyed with my daughters godfather. He is "in love" with me. And, frankly, Im good. I love Rocky. I am happy with my convict boyfriend, as fucked up as you may think that sounds. Yes, I would rather be with a man that is in PRISON than a man that lives a few miles from me. Frankly, my boyfriend is a better catch, even with his charges and the issues of him being a convict. My dgf is a larger guy, and Im just not into that. Sorry. Im happy with my (roughly 220 lb) man. Sorry.

Ok, rant over for now, maybe I will be back later? Happy new years, a half hour early based off of CST :)

**ETA**  Still bored here... and now its 1 am CST... and Karen doesnt want me to marry rocky? like, WHAT THE FUCK?? lol. But no seriously, what the hell? Here I am, willing to give up MY life in WI to move to CT to be with her son, and she doesnt want me to??? Maybe its just me but that makes absolutely no sense to me at all... Ok, i need to reflect on this a little.... because i love her son and i want to be with him, but maybe I just need to talk to him cuz maybe thats not even where he was going with this "talk" he wants to have god if it is about something totally different imma shoot myself square in the face...

And did i mention that o wait never mind i did. shit. i need to go to bed or something lolz. shit. ok. fuck everyone, i love you all, good night :P

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