Wednesday, January 19, 2011

up in the air...

Written on 1/14/2011

920 AM… Somewhere in the air :)
I find it funny that I write this blog on an airplane. Currently, I am somewhere between Milwaukee, and Baltimore, Maryland. Ive never been to MD before,a dn this has proven to be interesting so far. The plane that I am on fits 180 passangers, and there are a whopping like, 40 on here lolz. I am sitting next to the right wing, about halfway back. At first, I was tripping out a little when we first were moving, then during the take off. But, I must remember that I am on my way to Rocky :)

So I found it quite ironic that I was reading a vampire book by Chistopher Pike while listening to a MCR song about the same subject. But then again that could just be me being stupid lolz. Now, since I am on the puter versus reading, I am listing to my lova Ke$a. What can I say, she is fucking amazing ;P Altho, after DINOSAUR, I’ll be switching to Aranda I think….
Altho I am chilled when I look outside the planes window, I feel relatively comfy here on the plane. No turbulence as of yet, which is always good. I took some pics here nad there of the planes as I waited, and snagged some neat ones on the runway of other planes behind us. I am sorta anxious to get the hotel so I can hit the WIFI and upload some. I am worried, however about that damn rental car bullshit. They better take my debit card because I will be one pissed off customer if I don’t get a car. I think its bullshit that no one told me about the stupid deposit until the week before vacay.
So I wonder if I am a bad person because I have intentionally hidden most of my plans from Karen but I really just cant help it. That woman has her hands in her son way too far. Why cant we just be who we are, without interference? I mean I can understand the state of CT’s interference, and I do worry that we cant be together after he gets out, but I mean really where does she get off telling me she doesn’t want us to be together? Like that is soooooo not cool. I mean, cmon, I went out on a limb, wrote to her son who was in PRISON, and yet I am the bad person here? Bull. If it wasn’t even for her, we wouldn’t have been anything, let alone in love JESUS. GRR now ive ruined my anxious/excited mood.
Dude, I am starving. Like, I had part of a banana at 5ish, and some pretzels here on the plane, but I need real food lolz. The views up here are beautiful but the same thing over and over. Sometimes you can tell wehre a larger body of water is, by the lack of clouds over it. Right now, I can imagine Steve dreading the school order. Its just about 940, first order is going in, that is if Steve hasn’t killed Jess yet! I don’t know who I feel worse for! I am glad I am not there to witness it, but then at the same time, I wish I was! O man. I hope there are facebook updates for it!!
Ok, and dude, I need to lay off the beverages. I had a twisty-top green Monster on my way to the airport, then I have had 2 things of OJ on the plane. And I feel like I need to pee. And I do NOT pee on planes. The whole theory kinda creeps me out. I mean shey did when we went to FL but its just not for me. There is a reason I held it the entire 18 hr drive to NYC too. But I am not really sure why. Its like psychological or something…
I hope to get some post cards when I get to Baltimore. Plus, I hope I have a few minutes to pee and maybe eat, and oh we are losing altitude….. OK im tripping out. Saving this and hoping off. If I die, I love you Lizzi!!!

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