Sunday, January 23, 2011

possibly paranoid???

So like I was telling BTJ earlier, soemthing seems off with sheldon's mom.. below are my PM with her tonight as I did my homework. She is sooo into saving these random ass dogs on teh west coast when she lives on the east coast. She could volunteer at a shelter but no the lady sits at home with no physical contact with the outside world.

Granted, I could just be paranoid. But when she told me she doesnt want me marrying her son, well, thats just a little fucked up considering she is hte one who got us together in the first place. If it hadnt been for her wish on, I would have never ever met the man of my dreams, and I would probably got stuck with fat ass.... OH now Im gonna have nightmares... WHICH reminds me, I need to post the night mare I had the other night, which involved fat ass and my sheldon... it was CREEPY... ok, read the messages below and tell me im paranoid!

Shannon Park January 24 at 12:06am
I wants to know, AM I INVISIBLE??? is there a reason why you are ignoring me??? Because I feel as tho in the last week since I went to CT to meet my love, your son, you have not been very chatty or anything... I miss my mama bear :'(

Karen Thomson January 24 at 12:10am Report
Umm no I haven't been 'ignoring' you , I have just been keeping to myself, posting dogs and just doing my own thing. I have been quiet lately, nothing personal.

Shannon Park January 24 at 12:12am
well I miss you. a lot. and so i thought i would say something. because you havent commented on any of my posts, even the important moving-out-on-my-own ones, or liking any of them, or even my posts from last weekend when i was all "best two hours of my life" and whatnot. And its just been striking me as odd and weird. So i decided to say soemthing. I worry about you :/

Karen Thomson January 24 at 12:16am Report
Eh I am just in a quiet mood lately, I get that way I told you that. I go through these periods it's just me, and I hope it works out for you moving out you will no doubt be happier.

Shannon Park January 24 at 12:34am
Understandable. Its just been ages since we really talked. and that makes me sad :( I swear I might just come out there and spend a whole weekend with just you and make you happy and take you places nad do things and yeah! lolz. what do you think of that??

Karen Thomson January 24 at 12:50am Report
Haha yeah maybe, that would be cool, but like I said it's just me, I get in moods where I don't leave my house for weeks and just don't want to talk to anyone, even my family. I am actually going to bed in a few minutes I think, the dog posting has taken a toll on me the last few days. =[

Shannon Park January 24 at 1:01am
Yeah, understandable. I feel as though we really need to talk, like a serious convo, soon. For now, I just got done with my homework, and am headed to bed. I work 4 hours tomorrow, then have a very important big job interview at 4 my time. Wish me luck! I told rocky about it last weekend when I was out (god was it ONLY a week ago?????) adn I know he is rooting for me to get it... Good night mama bear, I loves you!!!

Karen Thomson January 24 at 1:05am Report
Oh OK well good luck I hope it goes well, and yeah get some sleep. Ha yeah it was only a week ago, I'm glad it went good and I know he was excited as were you. Anyway yeah I'm going to bed soon too, just tired and need my energy for my full on war with Verizon those fuckers. So have a good sleep and let us know how it goes tomorrow. =]

Shannon Park January 24 at 1:09am
Why are you fighting verizon? And, its just weird that one week ago today i was in CT. Like, it really does feel like months already since my trip. And it feels like ages until my next one, especially cuz if i get this job i have to change the dates of the next trip. I mean, the job is sooo worth the change but still... I am still waiting on a post-visit letter, although I have sent 4 in the last few days lol. I know he will love the extra mail :P

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