Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i shall call this severe ADD and it shall stick!

GOD. I am so freaking ADD right now... Im doing homework, talking with karen, messaging mitch, and looking up new vacay ideas while swimming in the joy of quitting dominos and getting a new job.... oh and add sex/love/feelings in the mix, since i thought of that today too.... OH another topic- pregnancy...

1. Homework. I have had all the answers for weeks 1 thru 7 already... Now im in week 8 and actually HAVE to do my own work, which is annoying.

2. Karen. I dont think she remembers being in love or having a job. Like, seriously. I want to come back out east and see my man. And at the same time I dont want to waste my vacation days all right away, since they are my sick leave days too.... just saying....

3. Mitch. I dont want him to move to texas. In fact, I would love for him to stick around so that I can have a fuck buddy. why even bother covering it up. I would like to have sex. BUT at the same time, i dont feel attracted to him? OK that is another paragraph all together...

4. New vacay ideas. Well, IDK what they are right now. If i work weekends, ill go tues-thurs with a flight home early fri to make it to work... If i work during the week, ill use a day for a friday... idk, ill make it work...

5. Dominos. I QUIT!!! yay me!! lol. Last day will be 2-5, so my last paycheck will be on 2/11.

6. New job. WEST!!! 12.50 an hour, 40 hrs a week, 48 hours of paid vacay, all holidays are paid, and are 1.5pay if i work them. HOW FUCKING AMAZING!!!

7. Sex/Love/Feelings. Um, I noticed yesterday that i didnt feel anything around Travis. Now, I havent been around Mitch or Burger, but I think that going and seeing sheldon face-to-face has been the thing to "lock" my feelings in. I love sheldon. I dont feel the need to be with another guy here. Altho i would like to have someone to fool around with once i have my own apartment and can do whatever whenever where-ever. but its not that big of a deal I suppose... w/e. I still have my toys ;)

8. Pregnancy. UM so like i had this fucked up dream that i got knocked up (by steve **shudder**) and sheldon left me cuz of it. and that SCARED me. And so I really dont want to have sex, just in case something DID happen. Like, not just steve but anyone. **still shuddering, now feeling nauseous**

ok, bye again lol

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