Sunday, January 23, 2011

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Ok so today is Sunday morning, and I am at Steve’s. Originally I was here to do some homework but now there isn’t any internet.

I am doing the number one of my favoritest things in the whole world right now, Im watching GONE WITH THE WIND!!! I love love love love love love LOVE this movie more than you can imagine! Oh God scarlett is so fucking awesome.
Ok. So I am getting really sick of Steve. This fucking apartment is disgusting. There are half glasses of orange juice and milk lying around. Plates of taco bell food just chilling on the floor. The cat box is gross. The dishes are just nasty. Seriously, there is a butcher knife protruding from the sink, blade out. LIKE HELLO DANGEROUS!!!
And then Steve is saying I’M the one being mean. Whatever. He will not be coming to my apartment when I get it, cuz I want my place to be NICE and CLEAN. GRRR. Between this house and moms I know what my place is NOT going to look like lolz. Ben, you are a maybe as to coming over. I know the apartment isn’t all your fault cuz you have a JOB which Steve obviously doesn’t want, but still. I have to say, you guys should kick him out. The sad part is idk when or if you will get to read this with Ben/Tiff not having the internet working. But I hope you do get this and see what I think.


Ok. So tomorrow is my second interview for a good paying job. I want the job really bad. But I am 50/50 on if I will get it. If I do get it, I have to post pone my vacay until June. Not that big of a deal to do tho, Cuz if I do that, I will take a 5 day vacay, going Weds June 1st and coming home Sunday June 5th, getting at least 3 visits with Sheldon <3 ...

Anyways... My boss at Dominos is going to be hella mad when he finds out I am not working the super bowl. I am already scheduled at Milio's. Oh well. I am not worried about it. Hopefully I will get this job so I can tell domino's to kiss my fat white ass :P

I need to do homework... Adios!

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