Wednesday, January 19, 2011

randomness about SMT

Ok. So I am, for one, quite excited to be moving out of this house in a few months. But first, I must travel back to CT to see the man of my life.

I am sorry that some people just cant understand how I could love a man who is in prison, but I do. This man means so freaking much to me, you have no idea.

Yes, we spent each of the three visits relatively quiet. I could stare into his face for hours, days weeks, months even years and not tire of it. I have never had someone effect me quite like this, and of that I am glad. I know he is the one, high libido and all lol.

Which reminds me, sometimes I am quite scared of his libido. My god, that man! Boy o boy. But I am not complaining, not yet at least... which reminds me (yet again) that I have a new timeline of my life... I want to be in CT within the next 2 to 3 years. Before Liz starts 1st grade. She can do her Kindergarden here, sure, but 1st grade will be in CT.

OOOH that reminds me (a re-occuring thing i think) that sheldon said the nicest, most defining thing on sunday's AM visit- he said he was talking to Gaddi (idk if thats how you spell it) and that Gaddi made him realize that he will be lizzis step-dad. Which apparently made something in his head snap. And then he was all like "this school is good, this one isnt, that one is a aw-hell-naw"... And that really, really touched me. Shit. I doubt burger even REMEMBERS what school is. And yet, Sheldon, who is in PRISON, cares. God. That boy has me, and has me good!

And, as much as I say this, I really am done sharing things with people. God. Im just done. If you are lucky enough to know something, then you must be one of the few (and by few I mean me and only one other person) who even know of this pages' existance.

And on that note, I bid adieu.

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