Thursday, March 17, 2011

at work on 3/15

As part of my blog, I need help. Haha. So. I need to update this shit. I have like 4 or 5 little things I want to converse upon. But sadly, my mind, my body and my blog are just not getting along haha. So. The Big B. Man o man. I do not know what the hell is wrong with me… ALTHO…
Today I made a step in a positive direction. As far as positive, I don’t know if it is positive-getting out of this crush OR positive-getting closer to him. It is more of the latter I think. Why? Because…
Ok so I had like ten bucks in my desk last Wednesday. When I came in on Sunday, it was gone. Also, a large amount o f my food was gone as well. I decided that it was just my stupidity for leaving money, no big deal. However, Tanya knew about my having money in there. So when I got to leave 3 hours early last night, I sent Amanda an email asking her to watch my desk. She caught Tanya going through my drawers, and pocketing something. She even confronted her!
When Amanda left work, she called me. I was pissed and decided I needed to tell Katie. Well when I got to work today, Katie was in a meeting. So I **reluctantly** went to Milan and told him. He said he would look into it. He then asked me about my REALLY cool bracelet. And…. I got new info on him  :D
So. He asked why I had it, and I said that my boyfriend was in prison so he asked where and I said CT and he said “oh, if it was here in WI, I might have known him”. I reply with Oh really, how. To that he said that his church goes around to local facilities and talks with inmates. That he “preaches to them"
See? New info. Now some of this info should be more in the negative effect. Such as: 1 he is married 2. He is committed to his belief in god and church 3. He FUCKING PREACHES. Like, um, WAKE UP SHANNON!!! Lol.
Anyways… After I went back to my desk, I sent him an email:
Hey, Maybe you could help me with something else then. I am going to be starting a support group/get together thing once a month for inmate families in the Dane county area. Maybe, once it is set up, you could help me get the word out??
To which I got the reply of:
Like, how totally awesome. So not only do I score extra brownie points/time/fulfilling my needful obsession, I help out others as well!! HAHA!!
Oh, I make me giggle. :D

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