Tuesday, March 1, 2011

do i add him?

So both James and Anita have added the big b. Granted, only James has been approved, but it wont be long.

The question here is whether I bother to add him, or let these two last for awhile.

Seriously, I am sorry that I am crushing hardcore on a MARRIED man. I have never done it (unless you count teachers from when I was a high schooler, but really, mr mcconnell is fucking sexy as all hell!!)....

Look, the point is is that While I think that the Big B is hot, and inappropriate thoughts keep entering my mind, I need to give up. Which I find funny cuz there isnt a fight between his wife and I. He is married to her, end of story. Im going to bed, My head hurts...

See? Happy... I need to stop...
dude, where do i get a man like this??

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