Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wednesday rantings...

930 AM. I have been at work for 1 hour. And I have made THREE saves!! And only one was with an incentive. GO ME!!! :D
Ugh. Tanya is here today. And she is taking her first call right now. But I am way better then she is so I don’t even care! :PPP She even says she is the kind that doesn’t keep her mouth shut. Maybe that’s why she (probably) doesn’t have a boyfried/girlfriend, or why she sucks major ass. Haha she hasn’t been on the phones for more than 10 mins and she already is getting someone sidejacking with her. They probably want to determine if she is any good. Well, the answer is NO. hehehe…
JUST had a thought. I probably could have dispostioned most of my 10 transfer/account checks yesterday as saved calls. SHIT. Oh well, I know that now!  HAHA.
Gods. Its now 10. I just spent at least 10 mins on the phone with a guy, trying to convince him to cancel his card. Lame. Anyways… I am now cold. This sucks. Good thing I brought a blanket to work with me lol, it has snowmen on!!
Yesterday, I started to feel like I actually BELONGED. But today I wonder. Damn. This sucks. I wish I would get another call!!
Got another call. That was cool, I got to help her with membership rewards, it was kinda cool to listen to that…

Tanya is annoying me tho. She isn’t even attempting to save her callers, even with the guy sidejacking. Its 11 now. I am bored. Lol.
230. 17 calls. 3 saves, 3 out-of-biz, 8 full-out cancels, and 3 transfers… I suck. HAHA. But I am doing better then Tanya who just FINALLY got her first save…
5 hours to go. But I have been here for 6. And I still have a half hour lunch to take as well… Maybe I should eat soon… hmmmmmmm

So It is now almost 6. I need to check my hours, I might stay until 830 instead of 730 to make up for the other night…
I was invited out!! For a co-workers birthday, so I am pretty excited. It is Kelly’s 27th – oops I mean 25th birthday, and she actually invited me out. I think I might go. A real function, with real co-workers? C’mon, how else will I ever belong??? :P
I am bored at work. And next week I cant even do this. I cant message myself my blog since Amex reps will be here. Also, no low cuts for the big b to check me out in. damn. Also, I do not get to read, do puzzles, color, nothing. It sucks. On the bright side, when they leave for the night, I get to pull my stuff out. That will be nice. I am trying to decide what to wear already. I think interview appropriate clothes. The white sweater with a REAL tank top. The black shirt that matches Tanya’s (wear this tues) and then … … … … … hell I don’t know, all my nice clothes are supposed to show off my tits. I cant help it, I have nice tits!
Oh. So tonight, Katie left just before 5 and Milan just left now. Maybe they take turns leaving? Katie left early Monday night too, and Milan was still here (obviously) when he sent us home. But. Yeah. I think its cool they take turns.  Come on, I want a call!!!
Ok. So its 8 and I just got the coolest call ever. Lady went shopping in NYC from CT and lost her wallet in a taxi. I gave her the info she needed for the cab company to try to track down her wallet, and sent replacements for her cards immediately :) I am just so damn helpful!!
Wow. Here I felt that I barely got any calls at all, and ppl are bitching about us new hires getting all the calls. Whatev. In 12 hours I received 22 calls. 25 tops. Damn. Wah wah wah that’s what I hear. I would like to know why I barely got any when Tanya got a good chunk. But she doesn’t even care about this job, which makes me sick, honestly sick.
24 minutes to go. I wonder how many hours I will have then. Not enough to leave early on Sunday, but still….
Imma gonna go.. maybe I will get another call, maybe not, we will see!!

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