Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I really need to cover a few things today.
1.       School
2.       The Big B
3.       Work
4.       My weight
5.       My upcoming trip to CT
6.       Steve
7.       Waiting on Sheldon…
1.       School. So instead of doing my school work last night, I decided that watching a movie with steve was more important, even tho we all know its now. Consequently, I must go home from work and do that home work. I have to write a 750+ word essay on a current news article online, and cite from 3 sources. Well, I SUCK at citing and what not so I am not looking forward to it! But I do need to get at least a C in this class I think Fawn said, so home to do homework with a migraine I go after work XP

2. The Big B. I catch myself looking every time I go near, or he comes near to me. I find it aggravating and stimulating at the same time. Talk about annoying. I could eat him up for lunch. Surprisingly, like Steve, the weight is not a problem. I suppose everyone comes with a vice, but the churchy thing doesn’t bother me as well. God. ß Haha, maybe it would bother me.  He has the most endearing smile, the little mole thing on his ear is (gag me) cute. Like other big guys, I don’t feel the buzz haircut does it for me, but hey, big deal. Hair grows. I find myself thinking about… IT… and No, not the movie! Yesterday, I took part in a huddle I had already done just so I could spend time near him. Lame, but still, its me we are talking about here. I swear that he sat where he did so I could get a full frontal view. That man, I tell you. I would like to know/see what IT looked like. Holy hellz. And maybe experience it myself? His, “roll” for lack of a better term, is both a turn on and a turn off, someone figure that one out for me! I cant help but search for him throughout the day, seeing him is like, security almost. Like a security blanket or toy for a child. Don’t ask me explain it, it is jumbled up in my own head as well.  But… I wanted to get that out there…

3.       Work is fun, for once. I like the place, the pay, and 98% of the people. However, for reasons unknown to me, Kelly, Jeff, Sergei and I were all transferred to new seats over the weekend. I don’t know if its cuz we talk to much, which would have been me and Kelly, or what. But there you have it. I call my new area LOUDVILLE, since 4 of the 6 people I sit near all seem to freaking yell into the phones, which could be why I have a headache, lolz.

4.       In January, when I went to CT, I weighed 191 pounds. As of 3/21/11, I was 214. Like, EW. So I am now starting a diet. I am working diligently to pass off any foods I have in my desk to unsuspecting strangers (Thank you Kel for eating my jelly beans!!! Lol)  Ugh I feel soooooo fat!!

5.       I really should be more excited about CT. I don’t know why I am not. I know that the excitement is starting to grow, which is a good thing, but still..

6.       Steve. Ok. So I mean, I love Steve, but I am not in love with him. He can make me happy, sure, and definitely can please with foreplay, but… That was my life 4 years ago. I have grown, I have changed. I am afraid for his health, his choices in life. He wont get a good paying job like he wants if he continues to smoke pot. I am sorry, but yeah. He wants to lose weight, but having the munchies from the weed aint helping either. Facts are facts here.

7.       The waiting isn’t bothering me at all. Its Steve, Mitch, Travis, Mystery, Miley, Burger… They are all pulling on me. Steve with his emo-ness. Mitch with that damn spark that never goes away! Travis, well, I was just thinking about him a lot lately. Mystery, holy crap, you wouldn’t believe the  drama my head puts me thru wit this man, I tell ya I tell ya!! Miley, he is cute and endearing, if it wasn’t for that freaking monster in his pants… And then burger. Oh the want will never go away, and it’s a mental want, not a physical want!!

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